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8 Hours A Day

Every day, millions of men go to their jobs wearing some type of footwear that's appropriate for the workplace. At a minimum, these working men are in their dress shoes for 8 HOURS A DAY™.

The problem is that the classic shoes that men have worn in the workplace for over a century are long overdue for some major revisions.

Over the past five years, the rise in consumer demand for barefoot shoes has skyrocketed. This is reflected in the increasing number of barefoot running, hiking, and adventure shoes on the market. The spiked sales across these footwear categories can be explained by the simple fact that consumers want HEALTHY FOOTWEAR. These days, in the consumer’s mind, wellness is most important.

The health benefits of barefoot shoes are undeniable. The funny thing is that most people only wear this new category of footwear during workouts. That's because, until now, there wasn’t a dress shoe that focused on wellness.

Our goal is this: provide men with a modern barefoot shoe for work. It will put a premium on wellness and superior fit, while maintaining the classic and sophisticated style that has transcended men's dress shoes for the last 150 years.

Check out our barefoot shoes for work.