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Our Solution: A Barefoot Dress Shoe That Fits


Try a barefoot dress shoe. Our design ensures that the outsole and the upper part of the shoe function as one uniform device. The combination of leather and fabrics used delivers a fit that hugs your foot, while simultaneously keeping the outsole flush against the sole of your foot.

Tune's uppers were constructed to provide a precise yet generous fit. Our uppers provide ample room for the bones, muscles, joints, and tendons of the foot to move about freely without constraining any of the natural biomechanics of the foot.

For most men, a wide toe box is necessary to accommodate the natural expansion of the foot upon impact and all the way through to the completion of the stride. The width of our shoes allows ones toes to comfortably and naturally splay apart.

Barefoot dress shoes for men make the shoe feel like an extension of your foot, allowing your foot to operate through its full range of biomechanical motions.

Check out our barefoot dress shoes for men.