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Our Start

We are what you call 9-to-5ers. We work hard in the office 5 days a week, although, we’re not your typical cubical monkeys.

We understand the need for balance between mind (work) and body (fitness).

We know it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy body if you don’t have healthy feet.

We have witnessed the major rise in minimalist footwear sales over the past few years and we understand the underlying concepts of minimalist/barefoot running and walking. We agree with these concepts and have adopted them into our runs and our lives.

We noticed that the shoes we wear for 8 HOURS A DAY in the office were causing more pain and discomfort than our traditional running/workout shoes.

We designed, developed, and manufactured dress and business casual shoes that embody all the underlying principles of minimalist/barefoot athletic shoes for people like us to wear to work every day.

We invite you to step in TUNE with our new TUNEfootwear!