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Many people don't realize how extraordinary their feet are. And it's not just your feet; it's everyone’s feet. The human foot naturally evolved to become the multi-functioning suspension and propulsion system that we use to travel.

On top of that, with over 200,000 nerve endings, the human foot has more neuro receptors than anywhere else in the body. When you consider the facts, it seems quite obvious that our feet evolved to transmit signals to our brains about the terrain that we tread on. However, as footwear has evolved over the years, more cushioning and support has been incorporated into most shoes, essentially blocking the neuro receptors on the bottom of our feet from sending signals to our brain.

TUNEfootwear has created barefoot shoes developed with ground feel in mind. We do not see any benefit in adding unnecessary support and cushioning, because our feet don't need it. There isn't a shoe on the market that can increase your foot’s ground-feel capabilities. However, it is possible to limit how much you hamper those capabilities by wearing barefoot shoes.

It may seem crazy at first, but less is more when it comes to sole construction of the shoe. TUNEfootwear’s barefoot shoes for men have outsoles that are less than 9mm thick, which allows you to feel the ground while still providing plenty of protection from the elements.

Check out our barefoot shoes for men.